Akio Hirota , M.D., Ph.D
 Graduated from Hokkaido University, School of Medicine
 1988 Director of Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tokyo Rosai Hospital
 1991 Director of Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tokyo Senbai Hospital
Hirota Internal Medicine Clinic
                                established  in Chitose-Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. 

Specialty:    Lymphology / Cardiovascular Medicine
Past Board Chairman of The Japanese Lymphedema Society(2016-2019)
Honorary Member of  The Japanese Society of Lymphology
Board Certified Member of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Board Certified Member of  The Japanese Circulation Society
Special member of  Japanese College of Angiology
Special member of  Japanese Society of Phlebology 

Hirota Internal Medicine Clinic is a specialized clinic for edematous disease and lymphedema.
 Lymphedema is a symptom of swelling and hypertrophy in the arms or legs of many patients after surgery for breast, uterine, and other cancers. Lymphedema therapy for the extremities is a conservative, comprehensive physio-therapy(CDP) that consists of a two-stage treatment program.
The first stage is manual lymph drainage , exercise therapy, skin care and multi-layer elastic bandage compression dressing. CDP is usually hospitalized in specialized hospitals in severe case of lymphedema.   The second phase is to maintain the results of the first phase with the best state as the goal. This is made up of elastic stockings, elastic sleeves, skin care, exercise, and self  lymph drainage. This kind of compound physiotherapy can also expect sufficient results as an out-patient .

   Lipedema is described as a bilateral, symmetrical , flabby swelling of the both legs and hips like riding breeches.  In late stages, adipose tissue may compress the lymphatic vessels in the subcutaneous tissue, followed by  lipo-lymphedema(Lipedema). Lipedema is known a condition as a kind of lymphedema. In a case of lipedema ,  combination of compression stockings , decongestive exercises and manual lymph drainage is usually recommended. Especially, manual lymph drainage will be strongly recommended ( For example, twice a week for these several months).

Business hours:
Monday-Wednesday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Public holiday: Sunday, Thursdays and all festivals. 

An appointment is required.
We can't provide translations, please come with your own translator. 

The following examinations are conducted at the clinic;
1. Ultrasonography: edema, thickness measurement of skin and subcutaneous tissue.
2. Dual ultrasound: Differential diagnosis of venous edema.
3. Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) (Inbody®): volumetric measurement of edema and distribution in the body.
4. Lower limb blood pressure measurement: Differential diagnosis of arterial blood flow disorder.
5. Measuring the skin temperature of the affected limb (thermography). 

Charges and Payments:
Medical Treatment is not covered by Japanese health insurance
When the first doctor visits: Initial examination fee is approximately 20,000 JPY (10,000JPY / hour).No blood test (Please bring your own check data). In many cases, elastic stockings or sleeves are necessary, the price is from 10,000- 20,000 JPY.The second coming fee: 2,000 JPY /10 min 

Physiotherapy(Manual Lymph Drainage):
You can learn  (self)manual lymph drainage and experience the massage.
Arm: 4,000 JPY /40 min
Leg: 5,000 JPY /50 min
First technical guide: 1,000 JPY 

Transportation and contact with us:

Hirota Internal Medical Clinic
Address: Kamo-Building 3F, 5 - 19 - 10, Minami-Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0062
Telephone: +81 - 3 - 5315 – 5880
Fax: +81- 3 - 5315 – 5820
E-mail: hirota @ mukumi.com

By train: Take the Keio Line from the west exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo and get off at the Chitose-Karasuyama Station. Please see the map.

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